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Our Sermons


Here's the sermon from last Sunday.

Current Series:  1 John | By This We Know

From now through June, we are studying 1 John to learn, love, and live Jesus Christ.

1 John aims to help us to confirm and affirm faith in Christ in ourselves and in others.

As part of the General Epistles, this letter is written to give the church instruction to identify false teachers and to protect from and counteract false teaching that attacks both Christ's identity and Christ's work to undermine the church's witness and walk.

Sermon Podcast

Our sermons are also available as a podcast – look for "Grace Covenant Church - Bloomington MN" Go there!.  If you don't see it on your favorite podcast app, e-mail and we will see what we can do.

Previous Series

Genesis | The Seed

Our most recent previous series from fall 2022, concluding Jan 2023, was the third part of our series in Genesis (part one: 2018; part two: 2020). Genesis is a book that begins(!) the story of God's covenant faithfulness to bring a serpent-crushing, curse-reversing, people-redeeming, Garden-restoring, new-creation-establishing Seed, Son, Savior.

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